Prompt – Crew Roles

I have worked in a film production crew before. Hence, I am not too surprised to read the Crew Roles  with its details of every member in a production crew. However, the information of different visions of labor and each role’s responsibility, as well as the content of Developing a Crew have given me another aspect of how to set up a film crew.

According to the article ‘Developing a Crew’, perhaps the fact that all members can get along with each other is the most important factor. Naturally everybody has his own ego. We certainly should avoid those who are too difficult to work with. By difficult I mean people who can not sacrifice themselves to fit in or toward a common interest of a community.

Establishing a clear position and duty of each member is a must do. The implementation of film production is complicating enough. Therefore crew members have to understand clearly their roles and commitments before working in the field to avoid causing delays affecting other people and filming schedule. Nevertheless, if people can work in harmony, whether it is a small or big crew, the production will be resolved smoothly and brings the best results.

The position excites me the most is Producer. To be honest, I have two-year experiences of working as a Project Manager. I was a connection between the Producer and the rest of the crew, and the outside world. The excerpt written about the Producer whom has power and money but inexperienced actually interests me. I worked with some people who wanted to control and interfered with everything but lacking of expertise and practical experiences. This caused a lot of obstacles in film production and post-production, as well as the time and money consuming. Therefore, I wish to have a chance to be a film Producer, putting myself in their shoes and verify the personality traits which was written in the article.


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