Prompt – Goals and Desires

Challenge has always been a motivation.

Except adapting to a new life, I need to figure out how to use professional camcorder and video editing soft-wares.  I do not say that I have no experience of working in media production, but everything I have done is related to paper works. Therefore, my goals are to know how camcorder works and be used to handling at least one software by the end of this semester.

In the first week of Sound and Image class, I was introduced to Premier Pro. I had seen my colleagues editing videos before but it actually was the first time I put my hands on. It looked like a maze to me, there were too many terminologies that I did not understand. It is even more difficult when English is not my first language, hence, besides searching for the word on dictionary, I need to do research to interpret the terms of how to use and what it is used for. I have spent most of my spare time staying at the suite, encountered in editing the footage I was given to and the one that I filmed during the following two weeks.

Learning to use professional camcorder is less complicating than Premier Pro. Although I only have experience in filming with Canon camera, I am aware of most basic knowledge, such as focusing on an object, white balance and color temperature. My ambition is to be accustomed with Sony camcorder and comprehend its function, thus I can practice my own skills to produce quality footage to use for assignments.

To become a successful media consultant, I will make every effort to fulfill my goals and desires. Acquiring new knowledge and developing film technical skills not only bring me the efficiency to produce short film for assignments, but also valuable for my future career.

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