Prompt – Reflect and Write

My first thought when I looked at the “map of reflective writing” is that it was too complicating to understand clearly. I scrolled down to the part of “initial guidance for students” and I began to know what exactly reflection and reflective writing meant. I found that it is not a speech describing something in a general way. Reflection is a specific learning activity, organized and have the intention and ability to be able to achieve the best results with my own personal idea, some cases include feelings. It is a self-reflection and a sense of what is learned, read, see or experience.

When I learn something new, there are some questions I should ask myself to be effective in studying, about what I have observed, what problem I have encountered and what I do/read/study. I am questioning myself and I need to distinguish whether I have learned new skill or clarify any problem, what I achieve comparing to what I have expected. And my answer is yes. I am studying to write reflectively by writing a reflection.

When I look through the three different presentations, it is a good thing to make a comparison between three individual styles of reflective writing. And I now know that reflection can be use wherever the learning or working process take place. There can be multiple levels: the quick thinking during attending class or workplace, when finishing a lesson or a task, finishing the course or the whole project, or perhaps after reading an important document or a book.

And finally I realize that the purpose of the reading “Writing Reflectively” is to teach me how to analyze all aspects of the problem and find a best solution to solve effectively. This is an important step in the formation of knowledge of each person and is a technique widely used in practical learning, teaching, research and in the process of learning through work.

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