Cry in a Zombie movie!

*Be careful! Spoiler here!*

If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading. I might spoil the plot.



It’s a rainy day in Melbourne, a little bit cold but cozy if you could have a day off and roll in your smell-good “place”. By place I mean a soft pillow plus a woollen blanket with hot coffee.

I woke up quite late this morning, figured out what to do for this whole day off. You may think it could be perfect to enjoy a romantic comedy film, no matter it’s classic “When Harry met Sally” or a latest one, “The Intervention”. But I chose a train to Busan.

I spent nearly 2 hours watching this new Korean movie. It’s like everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, even my Busan housemate. Yeah! She’s Korean and she’s from Busan.

To be honest, I don’t enjoy Zombie movie alike that much, but it’s is Yoo Gong plays main role. A 37 year-old famous Korean actor and again, he’s from Busan.
??01020- 008


Ok let’s get back to our train.

Train to Busan” left me a really heart-broken feeling. I had to calm myself to avoid shedding a tear. The motive is quite predictable, but I didn’t expect that the main actor dies in a Zombie movie with a sad ending, not those kind of ones which make you horrified when something jumps out of no where and leaves you curiousity.

Throughout 2 hours, there are some really intense scene but followed by humanity. Zombie attacks, people run for their lives. But yeah, Karma. The best scene is when the bad passenger dressed in black suit tries to block the door on Busan train.


He thinks Seek-Woo (Yoo Gong) with his daughter, a cheerleader and her boyfriend, a maternity with a homeless man got infection, he persuades other passengers on that cabin to block this six people to the next cabin, the door is locked by using clothes as tiding up.


What goes around, comes around

The old lady sees her zombie friend standing on the other side of the door, she decides to open and all the passengers get infection, turning themselves to zombie, except for the bad guy I’ve mentioned above. Seek-Woo and other five people see through the glass, the passengers can’t open the door to escape to the right cabin, because they’ve already locked the door by using clothes as strings.

Ending scene…

Seek-Woo gets into a fight with the bad guy (finally he turns to zombie). He tries to save his daughter then gets bitten by the zombie. Despite his daughter screams and cries, begging him not to leaver her, Seek-Woo runs out of the cabin, stays in the corner and lets him fall off the train.



Although “Train to Busan” is a horror movie, but I guess you could never expect to cry for a horror movie ending, right?

Give it a try. Not a must but a should do.

I guarantee.


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