The Abstract Edit

Abstract means existing in thought but not having a physical or concrete existence.

It was on a sunny day when I and two other classmates filmed our short abstract video. We had a camera, a tripod and a boom microphone. We did not have any script, it was an exercise to film any thing we wanted around RMIT campus.

Before carrying out the equipment, we decided that I would direct, Miro would be the cameraman and Hannah hold the boom mic. However, we agreed to switch roles after the first shot so everyone could have a chance to shoot something.

Later we found out that our boom mic did not work properly. We connected the mic to the camera but there was no sound to be heard on the headphone. Fortunately, we did not have to record any dialogue so it was no longer a problem.

I had thought it would be easier to produce an abstract video, but I might be wrong. Since we had no script, it took us so much time to determine what and where to shoot. Because abstract video has no actual physical meaning, it needs to be interesting in visual. Abstract video must have aesthetic value and be finished with attractive editing to engage audience.

We filmed what we wanted individually, we helped each other to set up camera and tripod. When we switched our positions, Miro filmed me and Hannah when we were having fun, pretending we were on a fight. To be honest, it was just a BTS moment but I put the footage in my video as well. You can see this moment at 0:22.

I combined all the raw footage to edit the video. Using effects to edit video was quite difficult. So I tried some really simple ones, such as lower the opacity to 50% when layering two different footage. Colour correction was used to balance the tone. I used Lumetri Colour in Video Effects with Vignette: -3.0, and Adjustments with Fade Film: 60.


The footage in first three seconds was separated  to match the beats of music. The heavy transparency of the video was assembled with intensive drumbeat at the end.

This kind of practice has given me new perspective in filming and editing video. There is no rule, indeed. Depending on purpose, same raw materials with different effects and music will tell different stories.

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