The Expertise Edit

Camera Shot

camera shot is the amount of space that is seen in one shot or frame. Camera shots are used to demonstrate different aspects of a film’s setting, characters and themes.

There are different kinds of camera shot:

  • Extreme Wide Shot (EWS)
  • Wide Shot (WS)
  • Mid Shot (MS)
  • Medium Close Up (MC)
  • Close Up (CU)
  • Extreme Close Up (ECU)
  • Cutaway

We formed a group of four, exercised three different camera shots with one action. Matthew, a member of our group, decided to clap his hand. He had to stay still so we could capture his clapping in his same position. We took three camera shots, a Wide Shot, a Medium Close up, and a Close up.

Although the sound was recorded well, there was not enough light in the room. The tone colour is not right and too yellow. The quality of MC and CU are bad when we zoomed in at Matthew. However, this task helps us to specify what kind of camera shot most suits the action to shape the meaning in a film.


The basic task of post-production in film-making is to cut and edit footage.

I had three raw footage to make a sequence. The audio was recorded three times due to the three different shots. I chose the first one. The MC and CU shots were then cut and joined with the WS to make a continuous action. This technique of film editing is to link the footage together without awkward pauses.

Expertise #1

The two videos below were filmed from other groups.

Hannah was sitting on the table and flipping her note-book. They also had a WS, a MCU and an ECU as well.

Expertise #2

Miro was in other group, walked to the elevator and pressed the button. She was filmed with a WS, a CS and a ECU.

Expertise #3

Their footage was easier for me to edit, the actions took enough time and had a space before and after their actions. The exercise has helped me to acknowledge the various types of camera shot and the practice of cutting and editing footage to an ongoing sequence.



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