A Short Film Idea

Making a short film is a great training ground for getting your feature made, seen and sold.

Jason Brubaker

Proposal Page

How to convey a message to the audience through a 90 second feature-length film is challenging.

It was in the suite of RMIT, we formed a group of three, all girls. I was assigned to write the script and direct the film, Miro was the cameraman and Hannah was the actress.

Before carrying out all the equipments and shooting our first short film, we planned to produce an inspirational video motivating people with their inner beauty. The feature-length for a 3-member filmmaking crew was limited, therefore we had difficulties of meeting the duration requirement and make the video understandable at the same time.

I needed to focus on a film idea that we could tell in a minute and a half. The story needed to be interesting but not too complicating, otherwise the audience would have no clue about what we tried to say. We determined the genre, asked ourselves a question: “What story can attract audience in 90 seconds?”.

I came up with a suggestion of making a motivational story about the girl who handles the mockery from surrounding people because of her scar. The story is her narration, how she has dealt with criticism and gained confidence to find herself and “the one”.

Kathryn Burnett has stated “There’s no time to develop an elaborate plot, a raft of characters or lengthy set ups.”  This is particularly true in producing a short movie. Most of what filmmakers do is to become a storyteller. With the discriminating taste that has been acquired by most film viewing audiences, even on YouTube, it’s wise to leave the more sobering ideas to those that can spend millions of dollars telling their story. And in our case, I did not have much time to tell everything.

Whether it is a fiction-story or an abstract video, one core idea must be concentrated. Therefore, the film mostly focuses on one character only. Two-third of the length aimed at the protagonist, the rest presents the extras and her “the one”.

Robert Hardy also said , “Write what you know.” There is no doubt to agree. Storyteller should draw from their own experiences to create believable scenarios and authentic characters. Although what happens in a movie is not reality, the story line must be convincing to persuade the audience what we want them to know. Therefore, I created this character managing her issue, which is one of the most common concern when teenagers and young women feel insecure about their appearances.

The meaning of this inspirational video is hoped to spread out a message to motivate people build confidence and maintain a positive attitude. People who are struggling with inferiority complex of outward aspect should find the video helpful and a motivation to overcome their problems. The video also recommends that judging by looks has never been considered as encouragement.

Although I am not totally satisfied with our product, this is a great opportunity for me to step in specific filmmaking and media industry in general. More research about film technique will be implemented to produce better product in the future.

Watch in Youtube!


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