Narrative Writing


I always have a passion for writing since childhood. My daily stories are mostly recorded in notebooks, and I keep this habit until now. Although I have been involved in a lot of media productions as well as producing TV Spot and Radio Spot and I also have good skills in using the camera and video software in post-production, I always want to be more involved in creating and writing content.

Because of this, I have spent most of my free time doing research and reading books about creative writing methods and skills. This has helped me maintain my interests as well as my assessments when I am most in charge of content design or script writing. When approaching the New Directions in Narrative, I would like to use this ability to propose a project with content that can attract the audiences.

In my point of view, we are impelled to write in the same way a musician or a skillful actor is urged to perform. If writing actually is my “day-job”, I will be willing to keep my interests as an inspiration to follow my career pathway. And I would be really worried if one day I lost my motivation and my story ideas were not ready to be formed.

To be honest, I love words. As I mentioned above, I consider them a hobby. I practice writing skills by keeping full of new vocabulary words so that I’m always learning new ones.

Before this semester began, I had a lot of hopes that I would be able to use my best skill to create and propose projects that not only impressed the teacher but also with my classmates. Through the knowledge I have learned on this subject, I have comprehended new knowledge in narrating a story. This subject not only helps me improve my skill but also inspires me to pursue a career in story writing and content creation.


I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration.



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