Forbidden Lies

Forbidden Lies is an Australian documentary released in September 2007. It was directed by Anna Broinowski. A dramatized documentary investigating accusations that “Forbidden Love” author Norma Khouri made up her biographical tale of a Muslim friend who was killed for dating a Christian.


The first 30 seconds the clips shows two characters in a several different settings. The audio includes some sound effects, such as: birds chirping, sparkling sound, car, weird sound when throwing scarf and landing on the ground, footsteps, wind, etc.

Perhaps the sound of car, footsteps and wind could have been recorded during filming these scenes. However, the rest of the sound may come from sound library. The car sound was adjusted as it approached and drove away. However, no car sound is heard when the couple is in the car. The sound of the scarf removal is too unrealistic. The editor may do it intentionally to emphasise this action.

When the couple is the shop, we still hear the bird chirping. The editor perhaps wanted to maintain the liveable feeling when layering the sound effects.


The previous sound effects are cut off when the documentary turns into the interview. The woman said, “This is not the truth”. A new set of sound effects was create, it has the feeling when you shut down something immediately. The audio is followed by a cash register sound. All we can hear from here is the woman talking with the sound when she types on her computer later. The audio matches the image, therefore the scene may have been film and recorded on site. When the woman talks about the book, there is a chime sound in the background like a sign.


The next shot is an outdoor interview with Dr. Amal. The audio mainly concentrates on her speaking, we can hear the sound of the bird as well. This could have been recorded on set, or could have been added. When Dr. Amal talks about the same book, we hear the same chime sound again. The scene leads us to another women holding the book. When she finishes her sentence, a photograph capture sound is adjusted as the frame becomes still. Dr. Amal continues her talking with the bird sound in the background like the beginning.

The scene then moves back to the first woman, she reads the book out loud and her voice is connected and recited with the woman’s voice, who holds the book we mentioned above. The editor layered the recordings the part which both of the women do the reading.


The next scene shows a map. A sound effect of heartbeat is added with a pretty scary music. When it zooms in Jordan, we can hear the sound of paper tearing. This sound effect may have been taken from library. The interview of the woman is layered in the background, running along with the sound effect.


We are taken to the woman’s office again. She closes the book and puts it on the table. These sound could have recorded during filming. Then the woman started talking about a unisex salon shop. The scene then was filmed outdoor. We hear the man’s voice selling newspaper with background noise while the woman keeps doing her interview. When the camera zooms into the shop sign, a musical instrument sound may have been used.

We then jump back to her office. The woman is making a phone call and dealing with the papers. These sound could have been recorded on the set.


We go back to Dr. Amal’s interview then continue with the seperate women’s and men’s hair salon. The sound effects of cutting and spraying in women’s hair salon seem to be taken from sound library while the shaving sound in men’s hair salon may have been recorded during filming.


The outdoor scene was recorded well. We barely hear the background noise. The audio only focus on the women speaking. A mini microphone may have been used to record her voice.  However, we can hear the noise in the background when the scene changes from outside to inside the shop. The re-enactment begins with the voice reading the book. The sound of the money sheet and coins could have been recorded there, then is followed by the sound of camera shutter effect. The voice is kept playing along while the re-enactment continues with the sound of the woman taking the pack of cigarettes and the lighter, then lighting the cigarette. It is really compelling when the editor used the reverse sound effect to illustrate the reverse footage. After that, we hear the sound of turing a page when we see the book.


The final part of the clip was filmed in the street with Dr. Amal’s interview in the background. The sound effect of pulling down the hotel could have been sourced from sound library. There are three layers during this scene, Dr. Amal’s interview, sound effects and the music. It then is followed by the first woman’s talking about the gym. Dr. Amal’s interview in the background is brought back then the scene continues with the gymnastic trainer’s interview with background noise. We can hear a “ding” sound when the camera focused on the Music Box sign on the van. The woman’s phone must have turned on the speaker mode so we can hear their conversation while she is talking over the phone. The clip ends with the sound of her closing her phone and the sound of a bus driving through. These could have been recorded during filming.