Code with Anna and Elsa

Elsa and Anna Snowflake is an exercise which you can learn the basics of how to code. This programming concept interests you while spending an hour playing game, it is actually the moment that you realise you have finished an hour of code.

Everybody knows Elsa and Anna, of course. The way these two Disney Queens of Arendelle moving around depends on how you create the snowflakes and patterns. Traditional programming is in text, but they use visual blocks that you can drag and drop to create codes. This is another impressive element of Elsa and Anna Snowflake exercise. Within one hour, you will do 20 different exercises of code, from simple to more complex.


Beginning with the left screen, this is the ice surface where you run your program. You will follow the instruction below to finish each level.


There is a toolbox in the middle. We can use these blocks to tell Elsa what to do.


The workspace on the right is where you build your program


From Puzzle #1 to #3, Elsa shows you how to create a single line to a square.


In Puzzle #4, you know how to make a square with “repeat” function, which uses fewer codes. Insert number of times you want to loop the block inside it to make a square. This is a really important function to save you time writing too many unnecessary repeated codes.


Puzzles #5 to #9 show you how to use “repeat” to create more complex codes.

Puzzle #10, #11 andp10-11-12 #12 use a repeat to create a parallelogram. It’s just like a rectangle but has different angles.



Since Puzzle #13, you learn how to “repeat” to draw a circle and overlapping circles.



You can make circles in different sizes in Puzzle #16 and #17.


Puzzle #18 and #19 show you how to create a snowflake branch. Be free to create a winter wonderland in Puzzle #20.

After one hour of code, I finished 20 different exercises with “Code with Anna and Elsa”. This is a great way to know not only about math, logic, creativity, but also introductory computer programming.

I guess the most basic Javascript codes are Repeat and Loop.  It can make the work efficient. Without repeating the same thing many times, Loop and Repeat are used to increase productivity at work. Even if you decide to duplicate some code a few times manually, this approach doesn’t really work in practice.

The number of times you will need to duplicate your code will vary based on some external factor such as the number of items in a collection of data, results from a web service call, the number of letters in a word, or even in Video and Computer game programming. It would be terrible if you copy and paste something a few hundred or thousand times in order to repeat something.

“Code with Anna and Elsa” is a really handy and interesting program. It inspires people to learn code and especially is well recommended for young girls with these two popular Disney characters.